Our presenters have created seamless, efficient courses that develop client skills in specific areas using innovative and professional teaching standards.  Detailed course outlines, question and answer, text references, and follow up make our seminars unique and refreshing.  When appropriate, teachers offer the information in an open format that can be integrated into any style or system without barriers of ego, philosophy, or technical limitation.

Clinics available for your business, dojo, or professional group include;

Medical Implications of Martial Arts Strikes - with the author of the original text published in the late 1960's, Brian Adams.  Brian has worked as expert witness in the courtroom and offers  ethical, legal, and anatomical insights for martial artists of all backgrounds.  Seminar includes original book artwork 'charts' for instructors to use in follow up classes of their own.

Stick Jiu Jutsu - combines escrima stick principles with fundamental jiu jutsu techniques including locks, chokes, and throws.  Students conclude training with GM Adam's unique slipping set using partners as the basis for a practical form.

Simple Self Defense - Simple and effective self defense for common situations, this course is ideal for less experienced people and can be tailored specifically for women and the unique needs they have in a combative situation.  Real life examples and scenarios are examined as well as environmental weapons and legal considerations for the use of force.

Universal Weapons Principles - Learn the body as a platform to wield any extension including belts, tools, pens, cords and rope, sticks, knives, pocket devices, and more.

More than just a walking stick - applied martial arts techniques with a walking cane, one of the best weapon a martial artist can train especially as they get older!  Canes are often the only legal self defense tool available in public areas including transportation hubs and schools.
Koizumi Family Samurai Sword Forms - A traditional series of Katana sword forms utilizing non-typical blade gestures, also a two sword form.  For experienced martial artists only, best learned over multiple sessions or an extended seminar.

Escrima; single and double stick - Angles of attack, fundamental blocks, parries, and counters, drills with a partner and exercise to develop intuitive and creative reflexes with a rattan stick.

Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Drills, and Philosophy - The essence and feeling of Bruce's art from someone who learned it firsthand!  Good for any martial artists but great for those breaking out of a rigid stylized system with unecessary movements and flair.

Integrated Martial Arts - Brian Adams' unique system that brings together a seamless tapestry of kenpo and jeet kune do striking, jiu jutsu throws and submissions, stick techniques and fundamental principles.  Beneficial for all styles and levels of experience.

Knots and Rope Techniques - Functional tricks for outdoor use, sailing, survival, first aid, and self defense.  Topics include history, culture, fibers, ties and hitches, applied knots for shelters, hanging, securing, samurai arresting techniques, hojo and nawajutsu, locks and chokes as well as storage and retrieval methods.

Knife Throwing - Spencer is an acclaimed knife thrower who transmits the simple Cherokee throwing method to get you on target.  Stances, grips, games, drills, martial considerations, all make this class fun and educational.  Beat him at the class close and win free throwing knives!

Power Kicking Techniques of Korean Styles - Korean styles are known for powerful and precise kicking methods.  Kicks are fun and a great workout.  Introduce your students or clients to drills, games, stretches, and techniques to get the most out of body momentum and speed while learning kicks; jumping, flying, spinning, thrusting, snapping, crescent, multiple target and simultaneous, and kicks used for board breaking.

Traditional Tang Soo Do - Forms, one steps, hand and foot techniques, from the lineage of Hwang Kee, Jau Chul Shin, Chuck Blackburn.

Breaking - Schools that do not have a breaking curriculum and would like to include it need safe, professional instruction on the art of Kyuk Pa, or breaking.  Benefits include focus, aim and precision, follow through, courage, proper conditioning and technical execution, and students feel empowered by seeing the results of their hard work in action.  Breaking is beneficial for shy students learning to step into their power as a martial artist.  Presenters cover conditioning and drills, basic techniques.  All students will be able to safely attempt a break after one session.

Freefighting for the Modern Karateka - A look at the spontaneous art of free fighting including combinations, follow through, striking areas, and drills to increase speed timing and precision.

Classroom Management for professional educators - The greatest investment a program owner can make is in his or her staff.  Award winning educator and contributor to national best seller "More Best Practices for Middle School Teachers" Spencer Bolejack, leads teachers on a fun discussion and forum for developing enthusiastic, motivated learners.  Appropriate for all institutions. 

Students with Special Needs - Any of our seminars can be adapted for students with special needs including autism, aspbergers syndrome, ADD/ADHD and other moderate to high functioning conditions.  Our presenters regularly work with private schools helping kids learn to communicate, cope, and grow with martial arts related studies.  Contact us for references.

Principles of Leadership - Lecture and discussion with practical exercises on public speaking, delegation, characteristics of good leaders and resources for continued growth.  Ideal for management and staff.

Solo Bowhunting - Spencer's famous class, suited for bowhunters but appropriate for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.  Topics include movement, map resources, terrain analysis, weather and behavior, games and drills for stealth and awareness, animal psychology, anatomy, bows and attractants. 

Real Stealth - Teachers combine some of the most ancient traditions of ninjutsu with native american scout skills to present a wonderful class on being quiet.  Urban, marine, riverine, forest, and other environmental considerations can be made, rounded out with games and drills to make this favorite class a regular part of your hosted seminars.  Presenters approach the concept of stealth from both an internal perspective, using psychology and emotion, as well as from proven military models to reach students of various learning styles and interest. 

Tracking - Fundamentals of tracking and advanced concepts with games and drills, exercises, practical notes and resources for trackers.  Includes considerations for law enforcement as well as hobby trackers who enjoy finding game and reading the ground play of nature.

Fire Skills - Sure you know how to build a fire but take it to the next level with Spencer!  Students may learn smokeless fire techniques of native scouts, fire by friction, battery, flint and steel, charcloth making, wood carving tips, a dozen fire types and lays and the difference between the two, signal fires, cooking and heating, wood ID and uses, and more.

Taijutsu; Instinct and Intuition - Sean Kennedy has innovated a special course based on taijutsu that shows everyone has a reliable instinct for survival.  Using games and exercises Sean highlights predatorial behavior and how to recognize danger before it occurs.  Sean has successfully taught this program at festivals, events and gatherings around the US and is ready to help you expand your own martial teaching base.
Rolling, Leaping, Falling, Tumbling skills - Foundational skills of all martial artists this seminar examines a variety of angular jumping, evasion, rolling with and without hands, with and without weapons, diving, and applying the techniques in simulated combat scenarios using traditional Ryu.

Taijutsu; Kihon Happo - No one can ever have too much of the basics.  Sean offers a deep look at the simplest movements of taijutsu, wherein they become not-so-simple but a wonderful challenge to new and experienced members of the Bujinkan.

Taijutsu; Ryu specific material - Train and develop skills from the nine school of the Bujinkan, especially gyokko ryu, koto ryu, and kuki shinden.

Traditional Japanese Weapons - Katana, shuriken, hanbo, jo, bo, yari, kusari fundo, manriki, shoto, tanto, using traditional katas and singular techniques performed solo and with a partner.

Wilderness First Aid / Third World Emergency Care - A detailed look with medical care expert Charly Aurelia on how to respond in situations where the modern health care infrastructure is unavailable.  Specific courses can look at blunt trauma, diagnosis, bone injury, cuts and lacerations, puncture wounds and ballistic injury.  Charly does a great job making the material accessible to lay people.

For more information on any of these available courses visit our contact page.

Thank you.

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