Brian Adams - Grandmaster Adams has been a figure in the western martial arts world for over half a century. After opening what became the most successful Kenpo Karate school at the time in San Diego, 1964, he went on to publish a critical work titled "Medical Implications of Karate Blows" in 1969. A personal student of the late Bruce Lee, Brian has integrated Jeet Kune Do concepts with filipino arts, jiu jutsu, White Tiger Kung Fu, boxing, traditional Chinese and universal weapons, and Kempo, to forge what is today known as IMA - Integrated Martial Arts. Danny Inosanto, Ed Parker, David German, Rajneesh, and many other master teachers have given Brian a background that is rare in both depth and scope. His goal is to produce intuitive and alive, spontaneous and creative fighting spirit in an efficient and effective way.   Brian's seminars fill in the gaps of missing material in many stylistic systems and help to bring together multiple ranges and methods into one fluid fighting method.  For more information on Brian Adams visit his website 

Charly Aurelia - Charly began his career in emergency medical and fire rescue services in the early nineties. A top of the class graduate EMT he went on to complete emergency wilderness medical care at SOLO New Hampshire and later the Advanced Wilderness Paramedic Program. As valedectorian and Class President of his EMT-Intermediate program he began teaching the basics and found he had a gift for passing information on in an effective way. Charly has also completed Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor training and even taught Yale Medical School residents. He was a Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor, a Prehospital Trauma Life Support Instructor and CPR trainer for the Professional Rescuer Instructors class. At the Maine Primitive Skills School he designed and implemented the Wilderness Medical course and still offers top quality instruction at the Firefly Gathering in Western North Carolina where he has taught for 4 years.
In addition Charly has an extensive background in martial arts including Russian Systema and current studies with Brian Adams in Integrated Martial Arts.

Sean Kennedy - Shidoshi Sean Kennedy has followed martial arts as a lifelong path for over 30 years and specializes in offering quality instruction to Bujinkan Dojos worldwide. He received his Godan (5th black belt) rank in Japan from Soke Masaaski Hatsumi in 2007 and will likely see a significant promotion through Hombu Dojo in 2012. As head Instructor of Kasumi Yama Buijnkan Dojo, he teaches his students the authentic arts of Japan's ancient warrior lineage combined with his lessons from a life lived fully and closely with the Earth. He also holds black belt ranking in Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Kenpo Karate, and Shirin No Tura Karate.

Chuck Blackburn - Grandmaster Blackburn earned his black belt while stationed in Korea in the late 1960's. Since that time he has explored mind/body connections in martial arts becoming a true master teacher in the fields of martial arts, psychology, healing, and philosophy. As head of the Spiritual Martial Arts Association Blackburn oversees numerous schools from Orlando, Florida to western NC. His teaching experience ranges from informal to the collegiate level where he has specialized in public speaking and psychology. Author of numerous writings and ranked in Tai Chi, Aikido, and Tae Kwon Do (in addition to 8th dan Tang Soo Do), he tries to live his motto; "To learn, to grow, to share". He is also a fantastic source of information related to food, gardening, storage, computers, native studies, asian history, weapons, and self-sufficiency. For more information on Chuck Blackburn visit his website

Spencer 'two dogs' Bolejack - Spencer is an 11th generation North Carolina native who combines living Appalachian frontier history with his Cherokee roots, preserving heritage and innovating survival methods for modern mountaineering. He has apprenticed with Eustace Conway and lived years on his own in wilderness settings from mountains to the Carribean jungle.  Bolejack is a licensed school teacher grades 6-12 and has instructor ranking in Tang Soo Do, Taijutsu, and continues working toward black belt in IMA.  A published author, Spencer has served as a combat engineer in the USAR, been recognized by the VFW for outstanding classroom instruction, and operates Land of the Sky Wilderness School in western NC, USA.  Recently, Bolejack co-hosted the first survival/reality TV show filmed in 3D, a joint venture of Discovery, Sony, and IMAX theaters for 3net and Superfine Films. Hillbilly Blood airs throughout 2012 beginning in March.  Father of three, he continues to live on a small farm with his family on Cold Mountain - sailing every chance he can get on the open water!

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